Sadie's Angels

There are so many people involved in Sadie's Angels that it is hard to name everyone here, so we thought we would start with those who have made blankets. If your name is not on this list please email me so that I can include it. Also, we would love to post photos of our Angels knitting, sewing, crocheting and fleecing so if you have a photo please send it along.
A huge heart felt thank you goes out to the following people who have made and given us blankets:

Anacapa Fine Yarns
Sylvia Barnes
Marlene Berman
Ann Butcher
Leanne Colvin
Fran Destito
Barbara Ewing
Amber Hood
Lori Kirkpatrick and 10 students of Christ the King in Lexington KT
Charles Lantz and Staff
Judy Marshall
Stephanie McMorrow
Jan Parrone and the knitters from Our Lady of The Assumption Church Prayer Shawl Ministry
Sandy Perez
Cynthia Spears
Kelly Terrell
Bobbie Westdal

These great ladies just mailed 18 blankets to us from NFLD.

Sybil Butt


Betty Parsons


Donna Ferry


Ethel Andrews


Florizel Jennings


Judy Mugford


Linda Freake


Pat Goulding


Pauline Howell


Rellie Strickland


Shirley Mosher


Minnie Pelley


Linda Layden



Marie Elliot



Tips for our Blanket-Makers:
Thank you for being a part of our blanket ministry. We're so deeply grateful, and would love to share your work with others to inspire them to join in.

If you would like to send us a picture, here are some tips to ensure that your blankets look their best on the website:

  • Place your blanket on a neutral background, such as a table-top or a plain, light bedspread.
  • It's ok to take a close up picture to show the details in your blanket.
  • If possible, take your picture in natural daylight, but if not make sure you use a flash.