Become One of Sadie's Angels

We knew very early on that Sadie's pain and suffering had to be for a reason. Not only did she renew our faith in God, but she inspired us to do something that would help other children and families during their greatest time of need. Anyone who has ever sat in the hospital waiting for their child to come out of surgery knows how difficult this is and how easy one can go from being positive to feeling totally hopeless. If there are further complications to surgery, and longer hospital stays it can be even harder to remain optimistic and hopeful. Sometimes, the smallest act of kindness can make all the difference in the world.

We know this from experience and that is why we are asking you to become one of Sadie's Angels.

There are many ways you can get involved:

Blankets full of prayers
Learn how the simple gesture of a handmade blanket gives hope to those in great need.
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Sadie's Angels Endowment
We hope you will support our efforts and help us to fulfill our commitment to the CHLA.
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Support Children's Hospital Los Angeles
The CHLA ranks among the best in the nation, with particularly outstanding results in heart disease. read more »

Donate to The Children's Heart Foundation
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Volunteer your time at a Children's Hosptial
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Donate to The Ronald McDonald Charities
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